Magento is an open source eCommerce platform built on top of the Zend Framework. It was launched in March 2008 and is now the market leading eCommerce platform with over 40% of UK online retailers. Magento is used from relatively small online shops to brands such as Nike, Olympus, Samsung, Harvey Nichols and many more.

Magento Development

Our Magento Development processes follow best practice; we utilise version control to manage multiple developers working on the same project, we modularise our code wherever possible, we utilise staging sites for testing and approval and we configure and monitor servers with tools such as New Relic.

Magento Development

Magento Support

In association with a roadmap develpment contract we offer incident support which is underpinned by our in-house certified Magento developers and strong SLAs. You can have peace of mind knowing your Magento eCommerce store is in safe, reliable and experienced hands.

Magento Support


Experts at technical SEO we are confident undertaking migrations containing 10's of thousands of indexed products. SEO is at the heart of all our development work and optimising configuration for Product Feeds or Search Engines is second nature to us.

Magento 2

Whlist Mageto2 was officialy launched in December 2015 GetCommerce have been working with the new platform for many months previously (porting our first extension in October). The version sees a new acrhitecture is faster and makes use of all the modern technologies loved by developers (composer, saas, php7, etc.).

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Looking for a PHP developer with experience in eCommerce.

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