Mage Titans Mini 2016 Review

16th May 2016

This event cemented my feelings that the Mage Titans brand of conferences are my personal favourite. With so much happening in the Magento world as of late (Magento2, Magento Imagine, Cloud Edition, etc.) the Mage Titans team felt that the next annual conference, scheduled for November, was too long a wait.

As such in the space of a couple of months the team put together an A+ Agenda including Vinai Kopp talking about considerations when writing tests, James Cowie deconstructing a Magento 2 extension, Ian Cassidy & Suresh Balasubramanian giving us an insight into the frontend tools and processes used by CTI, a panel session (involved was Vinai Kopp, James Cowie, Ian Cassidy and Ben Marks and due to an empty speaking slot, a quickly organised unconference style slot.

The unconference slot speakers included Mitch Goldman talking PIM's (Product Information Manager), Douglas Radburn talking Magento User Groups (quite apt for GetCommerce and our forthcoming Mage.Scot events), Vinai Kopp touching on his experiences with functional programming and Max Bucknell talking frontend security.

Finally there was a wrap up talk from Magento Community Manager, Ben Marks telling us all to continue our involvment with the community (as that what makes Magento) and that as developers we will need to 'level up' in Magento 2.

It is a testament to the Mage Titans team that every talk was enlightening (with Vinai's talk on considerations when testing being a personal favourite) but I wanted to give a specific shout out to all those who took part in the unconference slot especially Max, whose passion for the subject matter was obvious.

As well as the fantastic talks, MageTitans is also about meeting up with our community and this mini event was no exception, it was great to meet new people as well as hook up with the usual suspects.

A big thank you to Gabrielle Iskandar, Jon Woodall and the rest of the team for organising such a brilliant event and with #MageTitansUSA just announced the Magento Community will only have to wait until September for our next Mage Titans instalment.

Get Commerce's Andrew Baker and Andrea Graziano

Posted by Ross Knight, GetCommerce CTO

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